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There are a lot of beautiful looking bathroom items on the market today from many different sellers with a wide range in quality and price. It is very difficult to determine the level of quality when just looking but there is a clue in the price. If an item is being sold at 40-50% less ... buy modafinil germany

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As we go around a lot of homes especially new properties we are seeing one underlying theme which will cost the home owner dearly in the future, form before function. A lot of design in ‘finishes’ and bathroom fitments today lacks any regard to maintenance. Many bathrooms are now being fully tiled plus the installation ... buy modafinil glasgow

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As a heating engineer when I talk about under-floor heating I’m talking about a wet-system of serpentine pipework laid within the floor not electric-mat heating typically found under tiled floors in bathrooms. Three times in the past week I have been called out to attend to faults on under-floor heating systems and two things have ... buy generic modafinil online uk

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Just completed a wet-room for a lovely couple. They wanted a walk-in shower and raised height toilet because the lady had a condition which made it difficult to raise her leg high. It took a bit of time but was well worth it as they were extremely pleased with the final result. On the back ... modafinil get high

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Interesting to see if this blog produces any interest. We are looking to take on an experienced young plumber and heating engineer, preferably in their late 20’s with 8-10 years minimum experience. The candidate needs to have a clean driving licence and be Gas-Safe Registered and preferably Oftec Registered. Must be conscientious, polite and courteous ... buy modafinil in usa

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If you are thinking of going self-employed as a plumber, electrician, carpenter etc, then you need to understand a few basic principles of business to have half a chance of succeeding. I have recently met with a couple of young lads who are self employed, one is a gardener and the other is a decorator and it ... buy modafinil in uk

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Our young apprentice Mike has just started his gas training for which he has to give up his Saturdays every week for 20 weeks, no mean commitment for a young lad I think, so well done to him for making the effort and looking ahead. On top of his 20 Saturdays he needs to gather ... buy modafinil in singapore

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Have just completed a nice oil boiler installation in Dundsfold this week. The customer had an old solid fuel system which needed updating with new controls, new wall hung oil fired boiler and installation of a new oil storage tank. New customer who left us alone whilst they went to work for the day and ... buy modafinil in mexico

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Went to change a pair of sink taps for an 84 year old lady today and she was telling me about her new boiler she had installed in the loft last August by her heating engineer. I asked her if she was happy with what he did and she mentioned she was a bit concerned ... buy modafinil in the us