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It has been reported in the trade press that Brits have spent £2.6 billion fixing bad plumbing work in the UK. A survey of 2000 consumers revealed that 69% admitted that they chose their plumbing contractor on price alone with no regard to whether he belonged to any particular registered contractors scheme. That is an ... buy modafinil greece

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Had a young lad email me asking for a job 3 weeks ago. He had one years work experience with a plumber and had done City and Guilds Plumbing 2 & 3. His CV showed me that he had done a couple of other jobs where he had been employed for a year or more. ... buy generic modafinil online

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We have just finished installing a new oil fired combi heating system for a customer whilst they are away on holiday. Very grateful to have a good customer who trusts us to work in their house while they are away, it’s easier for us and much easier for them as they don’t have to deal ... buy modafinil hong kong

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Just started installing our first solar thermal installation this week using products by Solfex Energy Systems. Very impressed with the quality of the product, well designed and thought out from an installation perspective. The system is comprised of 4 vacuum tube panels installed as two banks of 2 either side of a dormer in the roof. ... how buy modafinil

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Great job on at the moment. Installing an Akvaterm Geo Solar 500 litre thermal store in a modern 5 bedroom house. The unit comes all the way from Finland and is indeed an impressive bit of kit. In this instance it’s primary heat source is a new Vaillant conensing gas boiler with the addition of ... buy modafinil in canada

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Last month we replaced a 12 year old oil boiler with a new Grant Vortex condensing boiler for a very good customer who is quite meticulous at keeping records of how much fuel he uses over the year. Last night he phoned me with the most excellent news that he was now using 39% less ... buy modafinil in south africa

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Two call-outs in the last two days to get oil boilers going after running out of oil. I have had an unusually high number of calls this winter from folk who have run out of oil or think there is somethink wrong with their installation because they are using too much oil. The fact is ... buy modafinil in china

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Went to a job this week to sort out some problems with their 5 year old boiler installation. They had a Grant External Vortex boiler installed (excellent boiler) by an engineer who didn’t seem to know the basics or how to read the installation manual. The wiring of the boiler was dangerous because the guy ... buy modafinil in store

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There are a lot of new houses now being built with high pressure mains fed hot and cold water systems in. The two major benefits being a dry loft space (no tanks) and high pressure showers etc. They are good systems but rely on good pressure and flow from the incoming mains water supply from the street. ... buy modafinil in spain