Good news, this month the government announced the Boiler Scrappage Scheme for G-rated efficiency boilers still in use. they are offering a grant of £400 to help with the cost of replacing these boilers.

I have read that there are approximately 4 million g-rated boilers still in use today, mine included. The bad new is that the grant is only available for 125,000 applicants, that represents about 3% thus giving us some idea of the Governments committment to co2 reduction. Oh how cynical of me!

No, I must have the 4 million figure incorrect, perhaps it’s 400,000. Please, someone tell me what the correct figure is.

However; if you would like to know if you are eligible for the grant the following rules of thumb are a good place to start:-

For gas boilers- if you have a continuous burning pilot light you probably qualify.

For oil fired boilers- if you old boiler is 30+ years old you would probably qualify.

So, don’t delay, get an estimate from a Gas Safe Register or Oftec registered heating engineer and go straight to the Energy Saving Trust website and apply without delay.

Good Luck.