It would appear that the recession is still on and really starting to bite for the small business, (less than 6 employees).  I am noticing a real slow down in enquiries and orders and as I speak with our competitors I hear the same story. Our contacts with other types of small business tell of more recent layoffs in the printing and communications sector too. I do believe we are in for a tough year, it’s good to hear the government talking things up but I do believe it’s going to be at least another 12 months before things pick up and confidence comes back in to the market place.

However; I do find it strange that goods supplied still seem to be increasing in price and fuel prices rise and we have to cut our prices even though our over-heads do not reduce so it’s our labour and profit element whcih suffer. This is ok short term but for the long haul is detrimental for any business. It will be interesting to see how many small businesses survive this year.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to expect any help from the government in the form of financial handouts etc, as the banking industry and automotive manufacturers did. It will be such a shame if some of our hard working small businesses go to the wall as a result of some greedy bankers dodgy financial decisions and poor government oversight of a fews years ago.

Where are the government leaders, bankers and influential commerce leaders who have integrity and common sense?