Well here we go again. The Conservative Party start their spring conference today, no doubt there will be some sniping at Labour and possibly with very good reason.

However; who should I vote for in the forth coming election? I’m not sure. It would appear that each party has some arguments for and against. History would seem to show that each party will do some good and some bad whilst in office so I guess it depends 0n what one wants or expects out of government. Having had Labour in power for several terms I think it’s time the pendulum swung back the other way now and instead of “robbing Peter to pay Paul we can rob Paul to pay Peter”.

I think probably I shall vote Conservative as I like their ideas on reducing tax on businesses. If the Government continue to tax businesses and their owners so heavily more and more businesses/employers will go overseas as indeed some already have.

In a free economy it’s essential that entrepreneurs should be able to start, grow and become successful businesses creating wealth and employment. These men and woman should be rewarded for their initiative, hard work and sacrifices they often make in getting their businesses up and running and not taxed into oblivion or punished for their success. Of course employers should also look after and appreciate their employees and reward their efforts also.

If you took Labour’s socialist policies to the limit we would be living in a socialist state ruled by the iron fist of communism. Well that’s my view, but what do I know, I’m just a simple plumber.