Today we went to see a lady who had a leak in her bathroom which was refurbished just 3 years ago. It was a very smart modern bathroom with a concealed toilet cistern and semi recessed basin set in a white counter-top  all nicely tiled in.

The problem was the cistern was overflowing and because the installer had fitted the incorrect cistern it was overflowing on to the floor in the boxing and flooding out under the laminate flooring and through the ceiling to below.

Because the installer had tiled the cistern in without any access we had to destroy the tiling to gain access to isolate and remove cistern. The water had seeped so far under the laminate we had to take up the whole of the laminate flooring so the floor can dry out for the next 2-3 wweks.  

We will need to retun to site after the floor has dried out to refit the toilet, replumb the basin, re-align drainage pipework then make good to damage tiled area with a special boarding because the tiles cannot be matched.

The cost of all this work is likely to be between £700 and £900. 

Don’t take a risk and make your decision based on price, get references or recommendations.