We recently received an enquiry from a home owner who was experiencing some difficulties with her heating system in a large house. The house had been extended and major alterations to the heating installation had been carried out approximately three years ago.

There were a pair of Grant oil fired boilers in the garage serving 3 heating circuits, 2 hot water cylinder circuits, 1 towel rail circuit and an independently controlled ciruit to a swimming pool heat exchanger. Our customer had been having difficulties not being able to control the system properly to the point where she had become so fed up with things she couldn’t face another year going in to the heating season.

Upon our initial investigation we discovered a total of 7 circulating pumps on the system and also the wiring to control the system was at fault.

Our recommendation was to remove the 7 pumps and install just one suitably sized small commercial Grundfos pump and carry out minor alterations to the circuits and rewire the controls. We were requested to carry out this work and we installed a second identical pump in parallel and both pumps were wired through a “run and standby” switch. The idea is to run the pumps alternately each month and in the event the pump fails you just flip the switch to get the system working again and have plenty of time to obtain and replace the defective pump.

We could have used a twin head commercial pump but it was cheaper to install two identical pumps.

The job went well and was a success and our customer is looking forward to a trouble free heating season.