Well here we are already one week in to a new year. Looking back over last year has been interesting. The market place is shrinking as the economy tightens. This is not a double dip recession, last year was the third year of the 2008 recession and we are heading in to the fourth year. It would seem that Government and Banks etc, measure the effect of recession on larger businesses but in the smaller market place where we microbusinesses operate it can take two or three years to filter down through.

Last year we discovered that folk were far more interested in the bottom line price than actual reputation or experience. Money was so tight for them that they would take a risk on getting the job done at the lowest price. Unfortunately; for some of these folk they will reap what they sow in a few years time.

We are all supposed to be trained and assessed to the same level with Gas-safe and  Oftec etc, but this doesn’t train someones attitude toward their work.

There is no better way to proceed than to hire a tradesman who has been referred to you by someone who has used them.