Now is a good time to buy a new boiler. Most of them come with a 2 year warranty but a few are offering 5 year warranties if installed by approved installers. This is a far cry from the days of a 1 year warranty. Most good quality boilers will run for at least 5 years without any troubles IF installed correctly.

However; don’t be fooled by this offer of a 5 year warranty, it does cost the manufacturer and if the boiler has not been installed correctly according to their installation instructions it will cost you.

Buy a good quality boiler and expect to pay a little more for it but also have a quality guy install it and expect to pay a little more. It will be worth it in the end.

In these financially tight and competitive times it is tempting to buy the cheapest and pay the least but be warned, if the recipe for sponge cake says 6 eggs and you only use 4, you will get a sponge cake but you probably won’t enjoy eating it.