I went to a house this week to do some repairs on their under-floor heating system. It was a lovely Victorian house which they had completely refurbished to a very high standard, tiled floors, engineered wood floors, luxury kitchen and bathrooms. Their dream home.

It was disappointing to see the standard of work involved in the installation of the under-floor heating. This would have been a very expensive job but it looked like the installer did a rush job and didn’t take much care or pride in what he did.

There are plumbers out there with experience and a good conscience who do take care in what they do, there are others who have a good conscience but little experience, others with experience but no conscience and yet others with no experience and no conscience. Which one would you chose to work on your project. If you chose the first one expect to pay more than any of the others. Don’t let the price be your main criteria for choosing your installer. Many have and are disappointed.

No amount of training or qualifications alters a mans attitude to his work.