Went to a job this week to sort out some problems with their 5 year old boiler installation. They had a Grant External Vortex boiler installed (excellent boiler) by an engineer who didn’t seem to know the basics or how to read the installation manual.

The wiring of the boiler was dangerous because the guy had used ordinary cable instead of heat proof flex and had used the earth wire as a conductor for a permanent live thus leaving the boiler installation without a safety electrical earth.

The oil supply hadn’t been installed correctly neglecting some very important safety issues and the condense drain connection had been botched and had come adrift.

The net result was that we had to do a lot of work to put things right and safe which meant the customer has just incurred some serious unscheduled expense.

Why don’t folk do the job properly, do they not care they are taking peoples money under false pretenses, have they no conscience.  Our Oftec assessment and registration costs a lot but for very good reason. Make sure the man installing your oil fired boiler is Oftec registered.