Two call-outs in the last two days to get oil boilers going after running out of oil. I have had an unusually high number of calls this winter from folk who have run out of oil or think there is somethink wrong with their installation because they are using too much oil. The fact is this winter we have had prolonged periods where the temperature has remained at freezing or just climbed to +1 or 2 ‘C during the day. With these prolonged low temperatures we are all going to use a lot more fuel wether oil or gas.

For oil users the key issue is to be aware and keep a check on your oil level in your tank. If you don’t trust the tank gauge or it isn’t clear use a dip-stick of some kind to measure the level of fuel in the tank. When you get down to the last 12″ of fuel order some more, the last 6″ and you could run out within 2 or 3 days.