Great job on at the moment. Installing an Akvaterm Geo Solar 500 litre thermal store in a modern 5 bedroom house. The unit comes all the way from Finland and is indeed an impressive bit of kit. In this instance it’s primary heat source is a new Vaillant conensing gas boiler with the addition of 4 square metres of solar panels but also with the provision of adding an air-source heat pump at a later date.

The unit was so big it wouldn’t go through the front door or up the stairs. Fortnately this is being done at the same time as an extensive loft conversion so the roof was opened up. A lorry with Hiab crane was used to lift the tank on to the roof height scaffold then manhandled through the roof and lowed onto the first floor landing using a Genie manual lift.

This customer is prepared to spend some serious money to have a good job done with some really good kit and this makes it very rewarding for us as installers. Also it makes it rather challenging.