Just started installing our first solar thermal installation this week using products by Solfex Energy Systems. Very impressed with the quality of the product, well designed and thought out from an installation perspective.

The system is comprised of 4 vacuum tube panels installed as two banks of 2 either side of a dormer in the roof. Total collector area is 4 sq/metres.

The roof covering is large concrete tiles which are extremely hard and we used 4 diamond tipped hole saws making the four penetrations through the roof for the four pipe tails from the panels. Each hole took approximately an hour to make. The system came with excellent flashing plates to weather over the holes which are well designed and easy to install.

So well done to Solfex for a good product, a big thank you to Rick in their technical department for his clear and concise help and instructions. I just wish there was something they could do to make dealing with gravity, roofs and ladders easier to work with.