Here we are at the start of 2014 and wondering how business will go this year. Today I will take my 2013 planner down in my office and replace it with my new 2014 planner. I always enjoy this task as it is interesting to look back over the year and see how things worked out.

2013 started slowly and trotted along with just enough orders to keep us busy until August and then work came flooding in. Sales were up by 53% against 2012 with September and October being bumper months.

So, I say a BIG thank you to all our customers who put their faith in us, thank you to all those who gave us recommendations and a big thank you to my staff and most excellent sub-contractors who make this a successful team.

We also had a few interesting and challenging jobs which were a pleasure to do. Unfortunately there is still a lot of poor quality work being done out there by plumbers who are either inadequately trained or have a bad attitude to their work and customers.

We start the year with a healthy order book and are optimistic for the future.