There are a lot of beautiful looking bathroom items on the market today from many different sellers with a wide range in quality and price. It is very difficult to determine the level of quality when just looking but there is a clue in the price. If an item is being sold at 40-50% less than the advertised price elsewhere its a reasonable assumption it is not of the same quality.

We do see lots of cheaper products and have to work on them. Often the fact they are cheaper makes repairing them harder especially if the manufacturer can’t be identified. This is often the case with imported items.

My advice, always talk to the seller and find out where the item is manufactured. If it’s manufactured in the UK it’s obviously going to be easier to source spares.

Remember too that if you are talking to a bathroom specialist often you are talking to a sales guy and they are motivated to sell, they are looking to meet their monthly sales target. Stop and think during your conversation, ask yourself “is this person listening to my concerns or just trying to sell me something?”

The saying is true, there’s a reason it’s cheap.