January comes to an end today and is one of the worst months I have ever known for business. The phone hasn’t rung much and no decent job orders have come in. I have done a record number of estimates which hopefully will mean future orders.

I spok e with another local plumber the other day and he said he has had a very quiet month with very few calls. So, what is going on. January is typically a quiet month but we would normally expect to keep busy with lots of smaller jobs. Is this due to the recession or other factors.

I do believe the recession is still affecting the market place and causing people to hold back on their spending but I do think that the very cold weather and snow on the ground for a week or more has affected the psychi of Joe Public. It would seem that everybody has decided to just hunker down and pull the duvet over their heads and not think about having work done.

Still, it has given me opportunity to change my own boiler at home. Now we have an A rated boiler by Vaillant hopefully saving us 25% a year on our gas bills. Probably wouldn’t have done that if we were busy.