Modern Toilets:

Modern toilets now come with flush-valves instead of the old fashioned siphon and they are the bane of all plumbers. There are many makes of flush-valves on the market which come with each new toilet, they are cheap plastic devices which don’t seem to last long before they start to cause trouble. Often this is indicated by water continually running down in to the pan. We have had this happen on some toilets from day one  or after just a few months.

Often this is overlooked until a brown mark starts to appear on the back of the pan. Sometimes it’s caused by the inlet valve not shutting off and causing the cistern to overflow into the pan.

The manufacturers advice is to remove the flush-valve and clean the washer with warm soapy water, this invariably achieves nothing and often can only be solved by replacing the whole flush-valve with a new one. Grrr. 

Obviously, the customer looks to us to solve this problem and when we explain the situation they say “why do they make them so poorly when it’s something so important?” for which we have no real answer.

The other issue we have is with ‘closed-back’ toilets which the ladies love because they cover the unsightly pipework at the rear of the pan and provide a nice easy wipe down toilet for cleaning purposes. The problem we have with these toilets as installers is that once we have plumbed them in and commissioned them we are unable to check for leaks under the cistern and the drain outlet. So there is the potential for a minor leak to occur with either clean or soiled water which may not show for weeks or months so we explain we cannot be held to account for such an event as it’s not possible to check the joints at the time of installation.