Energy Saving Measures

Energy Saving Measures Horsham

Tips to save energy

The following is a list of enrgy saving measures you can make in your home:-

a) Loft Insulation. If currently you only have 25mm to 100mm of loft insulation you could upgrade this to 150mm to 200mm. This is a low skill DIY job and not too expensive either.

b) Cavity Wall Insulation. This is an excellent idea which will help reduce you fuel/energy bills especially if you live in a bungalow or large detached house. It can be quite expensive as it requires a specialist contractor to install it.

c) Condensing Boiler. These are high efficiency boilers which extract most of the heat from the fuel being burnt to the extent the flue gas temperatures are very low, approximately 50 -70’C. They can reduce your fuel consumtion by between 25 -30% compared to  a 20 to 30 year old boiler and are the only boilers we are allowed to install in typical domestic homes today.

d) Programmable Room Thermostat. These are an excellent investment if you live in a modern well insulated home. They are not too expensive to install, often just replacing your existing room thermostat. They enable you to set different temperatures for different periods of the day, some allow for up to 6 time periods. This allows for fine tuning of your comfort level throughout the 24 hour period.

e) Thermostatic Radiator Valves: These are a good investment to have fitted to bedroom radiators. They will alow you to control the temperature of the bedroom and prevent it from getting too hot whilst the rest of the house remains comfortable. They can be turned down during the day just to allow some back ground heat in the bedrooms.

f) Electronic Pumps. There are electronic pumps on the market now which can vary the speed and duty with which they operate saving on the energy they use and making your heating system quiter. They are more ideally suitable for use with boilers with modulationg burners such as condensing boilers.


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