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Modern Toilets

Modern Toilets: Modern toilets now come with flush-valves instead of the old fashioned siphon and they are the bane of all plumbers. There are many makes of flush-valves on the market which come with each new toilet, they are cheap plastic devices which don't seem to...

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A Bad Month

January comes to an end today and is one of the worst months I have ever known for business. The phone hasn't rung much and no decent job orders have come in. I have done a record number of estimates which hopefully will mean future orders. I spok e with another local...

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We regularly get called out to look at showers which are not functioning satisfactorily. Often the complaint is the temperature cannot be regulated or it is stuck on warm etc. Quite often this is a simple job of replacing the thermostatic cartridge. The difficult part...

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Quality or Price

There are a lot of beautiful looking bathroom items on the market today from many different sellers with a wide range in quality and price. It is very difficult to determine the level of quality when just looking but there is a clue in the price. If an item is being...

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Form before Function

As we go around a lot of homes especially new properties we are seeing one underlying theme which will cost the home owner dearly in the future, form before function. A lot of design in 'finishes' and bathroom fitments today lacks any regard to maintenance. Many...

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Under-Floor Heating

As a heating engineer when I talk about under-floor heating I'm talking about a wet-system of serpentine pipework laid within the floor not electric-mat heating typically found under tiled floors in bathrooms. Three times in the past week I have been called out to...

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Wet Room and showers

Just completed a wet-room for a lovely couple. They wanted a walk-in shower and raised height toilet because the lady had a condition which made it difficult to raise her leg high. It took a bit of time but was well worth it as they were extremely pleased with the...

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Job Vacancy

Interesting to see if this blog produces any interest. We are looking to take on an experienced young plumber and heating engineer, preferably in their late 20's with 8-10 years minimum experience. The candidate needs to have a clean driving licence and be Gas-Safe...

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