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Oil Boiler Installation

Went to a job this week to sort out some problems with their 5 year old boiler installation. They had a Grant External Vortex boiler installed (excellent boiler) by an engineer who didn't seem to know the basics or how to read the installation manual. The wiring of...

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Mains Fed Hot Water Systems

There are a lot of new houses now being built with high pressure mains fed hot and cold water systems in. The two major benefits being a dry loft space (no tanks) and high pressure showers etc. They are good systems but rely on good pressure and flow from the incoming...

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Green Deal

  Need a new energy efficient boiler or want to make some energy saving improvements to your home and can't afford it? Check out the Green Deal Scheme. The 'Green deal' is a Givernment initiative designed to provide a way of paying for energy... efficiency...

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I went to a house this week to do some repairs on their under-floor heating system. It was a lovely Victorian house which they had completely refurbished to a very high standard, tiled floors, engineered wood floors, luxury kitchen and bathrooms. Their dream home. It...

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Oil Fired Heating

During the last month I have been called out 3 times to get folks boilers going after they ran out of oil. two of those visits were just today and here we are only 8 working days to Christmas. Check the fuel level in your oil tank regularly, at least once a month and...

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5 year warranty on boilers

Now is a good time to buy a new boiler. Most of them come with a 2 year warranty but a few are offering 5 year warranties if installed by approved installers. This is a far cry from the days of a 1 year warranty. Most good quality boilers will run for at least 5 years...

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A New Year

Well here we are already one week in to a new year. Looking back over last year has been interesting. The market place is shrinking as the economy tightens. This is not a double dip recession, last year was the third year of the 2008 recession and we are heading in to...

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7 pumps

We recently received an enquiry from a home owner who was experiencing some difficulties with her heating system in a large house. The house had been extended and major alterations to the heating installation had been carried out approximately three years ago. There...

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